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By: Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

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Business on the Web

My Articles on

Invasion of the Amazons

Revolt of the Scholars

The Kidnapping of Content

Will Content Ever be Profitable?

The Medium and the Message

The Miraculous Conversion

Bright Planet, Deep Web

The Polyglottal Internet

The Seamless Web

The Disintermediation of Content

Deja Googled

E(merging) Books

The Idea of Reference

Maps of Cyberspace

Outsourcing and Offshoring - LCD's and LDC's

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) - An Embarrassment of Riches - Part I

Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) - An Embarrassment of Riches - Part II

The Fall and Fall of the P-Zine

The Internet and the Library

The Affair of the Vanishing Content

A Brief History of the Book

The Territorial Web

The Incredible Web

The Future of Electronic Publishing

Does Free Content - Sell?

Free Online Scholarship - Interview with Peter Suber

The Universal Intuitive Interface

Internet Advertising - What Went Wrong?

The Second Gutenberg

Games People Play

Trends in Technology - Interview with Jeff Harrow

The Economics of Spam

The Case of the Compressed Image

The E-book Evangelist - Interview with Glenn Sanders

Information Technology at a Crossroads

Interview with Joe Santana and Jim Donovan

The Future of the Book

Microsoft's Third Front

The Disruptive Engine - Innovation and the Capitalist Dream

Germany's Copyright Levy

The Future of Online Reference

Project Gutenberg's Anabasis

Battle of the Titans - Encarta vs. the Britannica

The Columnist in the Mousetrap

The Downloader's Profile

Microsoft Embraces the Web - Encarta and MS Student 2006

Old Reference Works Revived

The Encyclopedia Britannica 2006

The Britannica's Brain Trust

The Ubiquitous Project Gutenberg

Thoughts on the Internet's Founding Myths

The Six Sins of the Wikipedia

Microsoft's Encarta and MS Student 2007

The Britannica 2007 Opens to the Web

The Internet Cycle

Metaphors of the Net

The Law of Technology

The Internet - A Medium or a Message?

The Solow Paradox

The Internet in Countries in Transition

Leapfrogging Transition - Technology and Post Communism

Leapfrogging to Cellular

The Revolt of the Poor - Intellectual Property Rights

How to Write a Business Plan

Decision Support Systems

The Demise of the Dinosaur PTTs

The Professions of the Future

Knowledge and Power

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